Chong Hing Securities Limited
Chong Hing Mobile Securities Service - FAQ
1. About “Chong Hing Mobile Securities Service”
Chong Hing Mobile Securities Service (the “MSS”) is a mobile securities trading platform. All you need is a mobile handset which can access to the Internet, and you can login to to start trading securities online.

2. Which services are available with Chong Hing Mobile Securities?
Chong Hing Mobile Securities provide services including:
‧ Real-time Stock Quote
‧ Internet Securities Trading - Place, modify or cancel Auction Limited Order, Enhanced Order and Special Limit Order for all local listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong
‧ Check Order Status
‧ Check Account Position
‧ Check Quote Summary
‧ Apply IPO
‧ Check e-Statement
‧ Check Web Corporate Action Service

3. Is there any cost involved the real time stock quote service?
Its costs HK$0.15 for each Snapshot Real Time Quote, with no maximum charges*. Besides, customers also need to check with their telecommunication service providers about data transmission and/or other charges that may apply to using the Internet via the mobile handsets, particularly all charges while using the MSS outside Hong Kong or via the roaming service.
* Please refer to Chong Hing Securities Service Charge Schedule for promotion scheme and charges details.

4. Do I need to apply service from a specific telecommunication services provider?
No, Chong Hing Mobile Securities can be accessed via the network of any telecommunication service providers, both local and overseas.

5. Can I access Chong Hing Mobile Securities with any handset model?
Basically any handset with web browser can access the service. We recommend you to choose a model from our tested list, please refer to “System Requirement”.

6. Do I have to use a 3G service/handset?
No, you can use a 2G, 3G, HSDPA or Wi-Fi service. However, you must have a telecommunication service plan and mobile handset that can support Internet access. Please refer to “System Requirement”.

7. Do I need any further registration if I already have an account at Chong Hing Securities Limited?
All accounts having adopted the i-web Stock Trading Service(the “i-Web”) can use the same User ID and Password to use the MSS and no additional application is required.

8. How does Chong Hing Mobile Securities protect my information?
Chong Hing Mobile Securities Service (the “MSS”) has installed high security standard measures. Every customer is required to login the MSS system with his/her designated password. Besides, all data under transmission have been encrypted with the highest security standard of 128-bit encryption. Furthermore, an account would be suspended to adopt the MSS after 5 consecutive unsuccessful login attempts and the accountholder is required to call our service hotline 3768 9888 for resuming the MSS. In addition, the MSS system will be logout automatically after being leaved unused more than 10 minutes and the customer is also required to re-login for resuming the MSS. For their own benefits, customers are advised to change their login passwords via our web-site: on a regular basis, for example, every 20 to 30 days.

9. How can I know that data encryption is in place?
Under normal circumstances, all data under transmission have been encrypted while the security padlock is being “locked”. For details of how to check the status of the security padlock for individual handset or PDA, please refer to the “User Manual” of it.

10. Which number can I call for more information?
To get more information, please call our customer service hotline: (852) 3768 9888.

11. System Requirement
Handsets running on the following operating systems can support our mobile service websites:
‧ Android
‧ Apple iPhone OS (Safari browser only)
‧ Windows Mobile 6 (IE browser only)
a. For newly released mobile handsets, as the Company is not able to recognize the models, they may not be able to access to our mobile service websites even they run on the above-mentioned operating systems. To support more handsets models, the Company will update the system on a regular basis.
b. Due to the difference in browser specifications, the webpage display of some latest handset models may result in different layout even they run on the above-mentioned operating systems.

12. How to operate the MSS?
Please refer to the 《the User Manual of Chong Hing Mobile Securities Service》which can be found at the Company’s website

13. Apart from the risk of loss due to the price fluctuation of the invested securities, are there any additional risks while using the MSS?
Due to the nature of Mobile Communication, while using the MSS, customers may encounter additional risks including but without limitation to interruption, transmission blackout, delayed transmission and/or incorrect data transmission due to various reasons, losses or damages due to any system errors or malfunctions in communication as well as the risks that your login password and/or information transmission may be read, lost or stolen and used by third parties without your authorization (the “Network Risk”). The Company shall not be liable for any loss and/or damages arising out of the Network Risk whether in tort or contract or otherwise.